Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Herbs for Dental Health!

A great discovery of my year - this DVD by wilderness man Doug Simmons, talking about his experience in using herbs for healing cavities, maintaining dental health (needless to point out - he does this without dentists and their invasive mechanical methods) - and about so much more related to our use of herbs and plants and body wisdom to stay fit. 

Handfull of herbs - for teeth, gums, cavity restoration

Doug Simons is telling his story.

The DVD runs for nearly one hour, filled with information on maintaining dental health with herbs, brushing sticks, dental powders made with herbs, healing cavities and, most importantly, with the empowerment to take a closer look at our own body and health and maintain the responsibility for it.

For permaculture practitioners this DVD opens a new window into plant use - this time not just for food production including herbal teas that can be grown and harvested from our own food forests and gardens; but now here are local (often native) herbs that can heal and support our teeth!

For someone who has been greatly disenchanted with the current state of mainstream dentistry, this information is a great window into the world of opportunities of changing your life around. Dental health (and any health) starts with adequate nutrition and an important thing to understand is that while one may eat organic and wholesome foods, nutrition may remain still inadequate! So much nutrient loss is connected to the industrial farming (organic is industrial in majority of cases!) and the long distances to which plants are shipped, losing their vitality and life force in the process. Soil depletion follows on the footsteps of industrial farming that strips every nutrient without being able to replace it and still keep up with the mandate of over-production at high speed to satisfy market pressures. A little research into the subject of nutrient loss can be found here  where one can see actual data on the decrease of mineral content in food since 1960-s by single to double digits, percent-wise. Our teeth and bones depend on minerals to be healthy, and home-grown food are the answer (really, it is the home-grown foods that come from rich, healthy soil! Not just home-grown in general.)

Another great book on nutrition and health, that ties production of food and health, is Nourishing Traditions  by Sally Fallon - with more information on remineralization of teeth and bones, restoring health using animal diet and so much more.


dowhatyoulove said...

Thank you for sharing about Doug and his DVD. I look forward to watching Alternatives to Dentists, and learning all the wisdom it contains! This is the kind of information that we need to see more of out in the world!

westang64 said...

I would love to see detals about this dvd, on dental care, but when I click the link, I get an access denied error.