Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organic Seeds, Heirloom Seeds

There is a time in winter, when it seems like outdoors has very little to offer. Time slows down, daylight a little more present. Cold, wind, frozen ground, everyone seemingly buying time until spring breath reaches us. It is also time for garden dreams, with magazines, books, seed catalogs piling up by the fire place. This year's find is Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds, - a business of amazing integrity that offers vegetables of unique quality, biodiversity, and beauty.

With great gusto we ordered a big list of seeds for the coming year. There are dreams of Rich Sweetness Melon, that bears fragrant small orange fruit, perfect for children's gardens, to be grown on trellises in our garden. Short growing season for this fruit is a big plus for us.

 Yard-long Asian Beans! What fun, and apparently good flavored and easy to grow as well. Another trellis crop of course, what a trip this would be, to walk under a trellis with long purple beans hanging down, begging to be harvested.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Of course, there are hundreds to select from. And they are easy to grow for saving seeds. Take a ripe perfect tomato, and break it in chunks. Place in a covered dish (to keep the fruit flies away) on the window seal. Let it ferment in its own juice, until some bubbles form and some mold appears. Wash in running water, taking care not to loose the seeds in the process. Dry on a towel and label. Open pollinated seeds allow you to do this, but hybridized seeds do not. Consider supporting Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds this year. Happy dreaming!

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Angela said...

Hi, I know this is almost a year later, but did you enjoy the Tigger Melon? We planted it this year and it was a complete flop. There was no taste, but the aroma was amazingly sweet and fruity.

We ended up giving them to our ducks and chickens.