Monday, July 2, 2007

Garlic Season

Garlic is nearly finished, its leaves yellowing, bulbs swollen and juicy. This year I am growing about 80 linear feet of garlic (it is not linear in my garden, naturally... it is a 'mandala' garden). It is my expectation that this quantity should be enough for the year, plus some for seeding in the fall, plus some to give away. It must be harvested in the next two weeks or so, once the leaves collapse on the ground. Fresh garlic will be laid in shade to cure for two-three weeks, then braided and stored.

I got the seed garlic (which is just simply garlic bulbs) at the local farmers' market. Best planted in October in our climate (one clove at the time), garlic is very simple to grow - set in the garden bed, mulched, and watered, it will sleep through the winter, emerge in the spring and be finished by the Independence day. Easy! On the photo the first row of plants is garlic, then tomatoes (so small that they cannot be seen), then onions, brassicas and more garlic. The twigs are used to support tomatoes.

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