Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yogurt making episode

After making plain but wonderful Queso Blanco, and delicious goat milk Mozzarella for the past few weeks, I finally got too much milk to deal with and decided to face the inevitable - opening up my future Raw Milk Goat co-op. The idea is that folks buy shares in my animals, and then get the milk from their "own" goat, bypassing the regulations around raw milk.

I don't even like yogurt, but one must do new things every once in a while. So I proceed. After going through the steps, I end up with half a gallon of the most amazing, live, fragrant substance - so wholesome and real, that it just makes you take a deep breath and admire the magic!

Labeling, laddling into jars follows. Tomorrow I will get to meet the neigbours, and talk to all my friends - the season is opening for goat shares. 

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