Friday, May 18, 2007

What's for Dinner? Local Foods - May

My husband is away, I am engaged in my habitual withdrawing from going to the grocery store. I do it every time he leaves (and most of my female friends admit to the same habit). Great way to clean up the pantry, the refrigerator. It is not that I don't eat.... I just don't buy the food. Well this time is he gone for a month, and am transitionining into extreme Local Food situation - and with pleasure am finding out that I can (almost) survive!
Today, on May 18th, I have:
  • cooking greens (both outside and in the greenhouse) - chard, kale, cauliflower & broccoli greens, French sorrel (great in soups)
  • wild greens - lamb's quarters, thumble weed (delicious when very young), wild mustard, stinging nettle (great in soups)
  • salad greens are in the full swing (the greenhouse is gone, but the outdoors is still cool enough). Garlic greens and chives, of course.
  • eggs from chickens and guinea fowl - lots
  • meat in the freezer from our own turkey butchered last fall
  • meat from a local beef ranchero
  • milk from my two goats - lots. With milk comes cheese and yogurt
  • winter squash from last year - I really need to get it finished!
  • canned goods from last year - peach jam, tomato sauces, beets, chutneys
  • some honey
I am out of sundried tomatoes, which I miss on my salads.
Well, there is still enough to make it by! I only have one more week to go until real shopping.

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