Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gardening with Herbs - Tea Time!

 What a delight for senses, all the herbs that come out of the garden all season long - starting in springtime with Nettle harvest, and moving right along with the rich bounty of leaves and blossoms of such garden favorites as Lemon Balm, Strawberry, Rose petals, Lavender and a whole list of plants!

Gently dried in the shade in a deep roasting pan for a container, and then rubbed by hand, teas are nearly instant gratification - from harvest to table in just a few days, easily stored in glass containers for winter-long enjoyment. Children are of good help here, with every aspect of the process - from planting to tying dried herbs with string to hang, to rubbing dried leaves off. Oh, the fragrance of it all!

At times, the harvest is impressive, with bundles of mint, alfalfa or oat straw to dry. Other plants share more sparingly, and I keep a small dish on the windowsill for occasional pickings of plants that are slow to get going: chamomile, strawberry, rose petals and strawberry clover. 



jenny said...

I can almost smell it! Today, after gardening, I had the smell of grass, mint, rosemary and fir linger with me.

Unknown said...

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herbal vaporizer said...

I love harvesting fresh herbs from my garden and then putting them to good use in both my teas and also in my herb vaporizer ,) nice post and amazing photos, it was almost as if i was actually there with you ,)