Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Early Fruit Compote - Green Apples, Tart Plums and Unripe Peaches Medley!

This compote is very timely for in late July when gardens are overflowing with fruit, some it still unripe. Birds are beginning to peck at peaches before they are ready and tasty; racoons are raiding trees for the ripest fruit; plums are showering on the ground - some fleshy and sweet, others still tart and hard. Apples are nowhere near being palatable, yet trees are so heavy with fruit that fruit thinning is needed badly to avoid overproduction. All that fruit and not much to do with it! In permaculture this is called "The Problem is The Solution" - so here is one way to use all the unripe bounty - Fruit Compote for a tasty summer  drink.

It is not really that critical to have all the fruit listed here, though apples and plums seem to add something very unique to the taste of the drink. Plums are not pitted (these are not store-bought large plums, but small tart native plums that are impossible to pit!); all fruit is used straight from the tree - no need to wash it if it is grown organically, unless it is very dusty. Apples and peaches are sliced; pears, cherries and grapes can be added as well if you have access to these. In essence this fruit medley can be made with a wide variety of fruit!

 Pour ample amount of water, at least twice the volume of fruit, and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes or until apples are translucent. Sugar is optional for this drink, depending on one's taste!

Coconut sugar is a good alternative to regular (toxic) white or cane sugar; very little is needed to adjust the taste of this delicious drink - because one you are done simmering it, it is time to cool the drink, add ice and serve as a variation of Sangria - freshly made with homegrown fruit.

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