Friday, January 28, 2011

Creative Children's Clothing - 2

 Another life for an old wool sweater - children's pants + vest. Try buying pure wool pants for your child and you find the price tag at around $45-50.  Wool is not only warm but it is water resistant - a good option for snow play, or active outdoor time in cold weather. 

For a farm boy, like my son, woolen pants are not too ideal - straw and hay get stuck to wool; but that is not so hard to clean. Such pants are easy to put on over lighter clothing which makes getting out of the house easier, therefore leads to more quality outdoor time which in turn leads to a happier child, which in turn leads to a happier mother who can keep up with her farm chores, which in turn means said mother is not thinking about driving to town in order to have someone else entertain her child (read: library visit, children's museum visit, park visit, going shopping to kill time, going shopping to get things etc) which in turn keeps family spending less money and gasoline, which in turn allows aforementioned mother stay home with aforementioned child.... and have a lovely farm, clean animals, mulched gardens and raise her child with strong work ethic etc. Ok, back to pants:

Below is old wool sweater, size large.
Cut off the sleeves, at the seams:
 Take other pants to use as guide:
 Fold other pants in half, in the middle and cut top of sleeves to match:
 Sew sleeves together, ideally using serger or tight zigzag stitch:
 Finish top (mine came out clumsy, I am redoing it to be less bulky and thick).
Total time lapsed: around 30 minutes. The rest of the sweater can be cut for a long oversized vest - to be pulled over or worn under jackets. Be sure to make it roomy and long. The top of the sweater is already finished nicely, so all that is needed is to sew the sides together!

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MamaWestWind said...

Great tutorial, looks simple. I look forward to hearing how the class goes.