Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disconnecting - Whole Life Redesign

This post opens a series about finding simple and effective ways to disconnect from habits that keep us on the path of continuing destruction of the environment. There is more to this undertaking than actually has to do with connecting to the natural world and restoring skills known to our predecessors. The decision to disconnect leads us on the path of whole life redesign - a protracted careful look at how we can do things differently to create a more sustainable and fulfilling life.

There will be no posts with lists on doing 1-2-3...10 (buying energy-efficient light bulbs anyone? walking to work? turning your thermostats down?) - there is plenty of that online and in the press. Such "Ten (Five etc) Things You Can Do" (or some variation of thereof) still comes from a place of finding easy fixes - typically technological fixes - that in essence allow us to keep our lives the way we know it, avoiding any change or the need to look deeper. Driving-is-fun-but-is-polluting, so instead of curbing our driving needs all we need is a better car! As if....

Such "Ten Things You Can Do"-approach still speaks to our relationship with our car/thermostat/shopping bag and not about our relationship with the environment as a whole. Once we figure our relationship with the environment (which is not possible to do in "Ten Steps"; it takes way more work, time, thinking, and steps to accomplish Whole Life Redesign) - the car/thermostat/shopping bag will follow.

So lets take a look at how to Disconnect

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