Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorrel Soup, Fresh Asparagus - Sustainable Living in April

Finally there are some things coming from the land to eat besides eggs!
Fresh asparagus, French sorrel, dandelions, stinging nettle and armfuls of chives, garlic chives and onion greens. French Radishes poking their bright faces out of the cold soil. My ancestors made some great dishes out of above-mentioned ingredients which I am now replicating with gratitude and delight.
A big realization that goes with cooking of the garden: the dishes that we all know from cook books or from our family are actually not made with some random ingredients that someone just picked up in a grocery store. The dishes we all love and know are typically made out of things that naturally occur in the same place and at the same time! French sorrel soup is made with hard boiled egg for a topping (optional), baby onions and potatoes. A bit of fresh yogurt adds to the experience of this wonderful, delicious, vitamin rich soup.

that spring is also a time of the year when our immune system is getting weak after long winter, focus in many cultures is placed on eating foods that can be considered spring tonics - i.e. dark leafy greens which at this time of spring are very few. This is how stinging nettle and dandelion come into the conversation, and to a pot of soup! I cooked with both and the results are fantastic.

French Radishes grow so well in cold spring soil - and so fast! They taste sweet and delicate in early spring, so much fun to grow. Eaten with sour cream and salt, they make a tasty salad - especially mixed with other garden greens that may be out already
Asparagus is a perennial reward for the permaculture gardener. It produces in early spring, for many weeks, offering its delicious intense shoots for many meals. Garden grown asparagus can be eaten raw, it is so fresh and delicate - so unlike commercially grown. Give it a permanent spot in the garden, water it and let sun shine on it and meals like this are guaranteed!

When nobody in the family agrees to eat any more asparagus, it is time to figure out plan B. Asparagus soup is a good way to fool people into having some more - therefore freezing some asparagus soup stock is a good next step for asparagus gardener. Cook it in small amount of water and send through a blender. Freeze in glass. Eat later. 

on planting asparagus....

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