Monday, July 20, 2009

Gardening and New Motherhood

well... it is not as easy as I pictured before I had a baby. He is one year old now, and things are still not getting done in the garden, orchard, or various other places including kitchen, house, office etc. This morning I had him in my sling and got some lavender harvested; yesterday I turned him loose in the garden while I pulled the garlic (onions are still there, ready to be harvested). Peaches he grabs from the tree on his own! I love that he knows to look in trees for food - such a natural hunter-gatherer - especially after a month and a half of eating mulberries from a kiddy-size tree. He walks now.

Eggs and milk come in the house in the morning, it is hard to milk with the squiggly toddler strapped to your back - he tries to reach the goat and pet her - I try to keep the goat still and pleased and not putting her hoof in the bucket.

My son loves queso blanco - and fresh raw milk - that is what it is all about for me.
This year I am looking into freezing foods instead of canning, with the eye on their nutrient preservation for my child's benefit - so no more jams and jellies by the bucket, some foods I will also dry (such as peaches & cherry tomatoes.
And, a new find - "permaculture" for parenting: The Continuum Concept - Highly recommend.


HappyzineCharlotte said...

Cool blog. I just found it. I can relate to the parenting and permaculture thing - I've got a two year old and am living in the 'burbs of Nelson, NZ, and am working at doing the same thing. I'm currently working on developing an edible garden on the family property. There's actually quite a lot of space here and once my green thumb kicks in and I can get even half of the land producing kai, there will be more than enough for my family. Keep up the good mahi, am looking forward to reading more.

graceonline said...

It's true that little comes easy when you have wee ones. They do make it difficult to finish chores timely. Still, I cherish those memories of my little ones most. Early mornings in the garden with a babe on my back and a toddler at my knee. Relish them, if you can.