Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organic Seeds, Heirloom Seeds

There is a time in winter, when it seems like outdoors has very little to offer. Time slows down, daylight a little more present. Cold, wind, frozen ground, everyone seemingly buying time until spring breath reaches us. It is also time for garden dreams, with magazines, books, seed catalogs piling up by the fire place. This year's find is Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds, - a business of amazing integrity that offers vegetables of unique quality, biodiversity, and beauty.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Life with Beeswax Candle Light

Christmastide is over and the spring dreams rush in the void left by the end of the holiday season. The lull of the season, January and February are quite uneventful in our cold climate. The daily rhythm is composed of making fire, feeding goats, harvesting eggs, collecting firewood, and filling bird feeders. The ground is hard frozen, and sheep's bellies are swelling with lambs. In late evenings and early mornings and at meal times we use tall beeswax candles, to transition us to and from the darkness of the night and to offer its warm delicate glow.
Toddler at work, washing dishes in early evening.