Sunday, September 16, 2007

Permaculture Garden - Home Land Security

fRuiTs oF my LaBor ~ HomE laNd seCurITy

peach compote, chipotle salsa, pickled onion
pickled beets, native plum jam, sweet bread-and-butter pickle
not photographed: sauerkraut, refrigerator dill pickle, eggplant caviar, plum sauce, cherry jam, peach chutney, pears in calvados, sundried tomatoes, grape jelly, apple sauce etc.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Annual, Perennial - Gardening the Permaculture Way

In July, these white umbrella-shaped flowers were tall and fragrant. Beautiful and stately enough to celebrate a wedding or birth, carrot flowers are a wonderful addition to any formal or informal garden. A cloud of tiny beneficial wasps was working the blossoms, pollinating them into future carrot seeds. Now, in early September, the flowers have turned dark brown, with thousands of seeds spilling over onto the ground, ready for next year’s sunlight and moisture, repeating the cycle of procreation.